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Big birds in Akasaka.


Eating enclave

I have heard of theme restaurants, but this going a bit too far. I assume because they have to emphasize that it is "happy dining" that they are not doing Jewish ghetto. Maybe it's more Harlem ghetto, which would be decidedly more upbeat and funky with no worry of pogroms.


Surely not a temple

I am confused by this church sign that I pass every Sunday on my way to my comedy group practice. The congregation appears to be mostly Filipinos. Obviously it is a Christian church, but why "Shalom," a Hebrew word that means "peace" and is also used as a greeting.


Battleship Island

Now that Google has made it to Hashima, Nagasaki (AKA Gunkanjima "Battleship Island") is there any reason to visit it in person? There are even official boat tours of the place. I was more enticed by the idea of photographing it a few years back when the island was still relatively unheard of (even within Japan) and off-limits.

Hey, Ladies

I am convinced that at least one of these "women" is really a man. Maybe that's because it was advertising flights to Phuket.


Butt buddies


The only redeeming thing about this poster advertising this dumb movie is that the title when pronounced in Japanese sounds like "After Ass."