Simon says WTF?

Spotted this through the window of a game center in Shibuya last night and had to go inside to take a closer look. When I first arrived in Japan back in 1999, Dance Dance Revolution was the hot arcade game. It was basically the old Simon electronic game combined with music and using feet instead of your hands. Well, meet Mai Mai. My friend described it best: "Simon meets Astroids meet Tempest meets Space Invaders on acid. Or some form of Japanese martial arts training. Possibly an epilepsy test."


Short-sighted snacks

This is the Anpan-man corner in my local supermarket. That little TV screen at kiddie height is some great marketing tool. 


Not so Sharp

Who keeps a box for a TV that is this old? Someone in Kamukura, Japan, that's who. I believe the TV used its legs to walk out on the person because after several decades it couldn't stand to live with a hoarder anymore. 


Exercise party favors

This exercise device/party favor is so low-tech it really blows. Imagine giving a bunch of these to kids at a birthday party. They'd probably pass out trying to make it work. Now if only we can figure out how to lose weight while pinning the tail on the donkey. . . 


Worst mirror ever

Well, it's not that bad. But I've definitely seen better. 
What do you expect for 100 yen plus tax?



Danger! Look out for flying monkeys. . . I mean monkeys and black kites. Yeah, I never heard of a black kite either. It's a small bird of prey. Pray that it doesn't steal your lunch. 


Get a Clooney

George Clooney drinks cheap beer substitute not because he can't afford real beer. He just likes the shit taste. And the headache that follows.