Buddha for "You"

So I enter the meditation hall, take off my sandals, and look around the room. Several people are seated in chairs along one side of the room and the back wall. Only a few are cross legged on the cushions that line the floor. I pick a cushion that has an extra cushion on top, perfect for keeping me raised enough so my long legs don't fall asleep, and sit down. "Excuse me, I put that cushion there to sit on," says a woman sitting in a chair. 
"Oh," I reply. "Sorry."
I look up and see another high cushion. I go over to it and plop down.
"Excuse me, I put that there for him to sit on," says a man sitting in a chair next to his friend, who is also sitting in chair. "If you want an extra cushion, there are more in the corner," he adds.
Why the hell are you people sitting in chairs if you want to sit on a cushion?! And if there are extra cushions available, why do you care if I sit on "yours"?!
My mind raced with these thoughts as I went to take "my" extra cushion from the corner of the room.
Enlightened people crack me up sometimes.


Drowning dreams

Last night I dreamed I swam in a holographic ocean. Of course, when I realized that I forgot to take my wallet out of my back pocket, I got stressed. Even though there was no way it could get wet. Then I got caught in a riptide and went under. That's when I woke up. It wasn't a nightmare at all. It explains a lot to me. Our minds create our own realities. What's yours?


That sinking feeling

The signs indicate you are indeed washing your hands in a sink that more than one person has mistaken for a urinal.


Say "cheese"

Katori Shingo from the no longer boy band (as in they are no longer boys but are still somehow a band) promotes a cheese product in an ad on the Tokyo subway. Does his smile look sickly to you as it does to me? He could play the Joker in the next Batman movie. Not a very appetizing way to sell food of any kind. 


My Lord!

A road in Tokyo named after the main character of "Guardians of the Galaxy." Star-Lord. Oh, wait, it's Star Road. I see. 

Katakana can be a real bitch sometimes. I also love that Hobbit movie "Road of the Ring."


Simon says WTF?

Spotted this through the window of a game center in Shibuya last night and had to go inside to take a closer look. When I first arrived in Japan back in 1999, Dance Dance Revolution was the hot arcade game. It was basically the old Simon electronic game combined with music and using feet instead of your hands. Well, meet Mai Mai. My friend described it best: "Simon meets Astroids meet Tempest meets Space Invaders on acid. Or some form of Japanese martial arts training. Possibly an epilepsy test."