Sometimes you find yourself in a public restroom in Tokyo that doesn't have any toilet paper. It happens. Usually by the time you are inside the stall and realize that there's nothing to wipe with, it's too late to run out of the stall and fork over 100 yen for tissue paper out of a machine. Especially when the machine is located outside of the restroom itself, as seen here. That's when I pull a Bukowski ala Factotum and use my shorts instead and clog the toilet.

Rinse and repeat

Gargling is a popular pastime in Japan. This restroom even has a "gargle device" installed.


Traffic advisory

Despite evidence to the contrary, Japanese people believe that earthquakes are caused by a giant catfish.


Spread 'Em

This is a manners poster. A what!? Yes, I understand your reaction. It is probably much like those punctuation marks. !?

You may have heard that Japanese people are so well-mannered. So polite. Etc. Well if that was true, there would be no need for these kinds of manner posters all over the subway.

This particular poster annoys me more than most. The question it asks in Japanese is "Why are your legs spread?" You may not be as quick as me to notice, but that's a man sitting there. A MAN.

Question answered.