We stayed at Daikon-no-Hana, a hot spring inn, in Miyagi Prefecture on Sunday. This is one of the private outdoor baths by the river. The photo was taken on Monday morning after breakfast. The night before we visited the bath. Although there were lights at the bath, the inn provided flashlights because the raised wooden walkway through the woods was pretty dark.


Lost Turtle

Lost Turtle
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Somebody is looking for their lost pet turtle in Meguro.



Maids are brainwashing people on the 5th floor of a nondescript building in Akihabara.

Balloon Tree

Balloon Tree
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This is what a tree covered in balloons looks like.


Hip To Be Square

Japan. The only (?) country where you can buy square melons.


Tea Time

Last week's anmitsu at Toraya in Ginza. Sweet beans and apricot and shiratama (marshmallow-like balls made from rice, not to be confused with rice-balls, which means something else) and more...yum.