Wash and Go

Washlets (toilets with a bidet-like spray nozzle) have become so common in Japan, you not only find them in homes, but also in the restrooms of offices, department store and restaurants. You could say that ass-washing is almost a national sport. (OK, not quite.) I've always made it a point not to use a public sprayer because I figure that any water spraying up has to fall down. . . and where is it falling? Onto the very spray nozzle that everyone is using. Well, bathroom fixture manufacturer TOTO must want to tap into this market of people who are either afraid of using public washlets or are simply afraid of going to toilets without one available. This portable washlet that I spotted yesterday at Yodobashi Camera runs on one AA battery and can fit into your purse or briefcase. The display at the store even had English explanations aimed at making this product appeal to all those foreign tourists who "suffer from hemorrhoids" or those who want to clean themselves "during or after pregnancy."