Needles and Pins

I'd been curious about acupuncture and finally had my first treatment last night. I've had neck problems for years now, and recently my shoulders have gotten really stiff and sore, especially in the morning. Shiatsu and chiropractic massages haven't helped much, and while there are many acupuncture places in Tokyo, I didn't want to just wander into a some random place. A friend from my weekly improv group recommended this place near Korakuen, so I made a reservation.

The place is in an older building with a traditional Japanese-style tatami room waiting area. The acupuncturist speaks English fairly well, and was very friendly. Calming, New Age Chinese ambient music was playing throughout my session. Since I was an acupuncture virgin, he told me he would use the smallest needles. Apparently there are different lengths and widths. I had no fear of the needles, and it really didn't hurt at all (except for one spot on the very top of my head!). When I left, I felt extremely relaxed and my shoulders and neck were the loosest they have been in ages. If you're looking to try it, give them a call!