In Tokyo Again

So here I am in Tokyo again. This time staying at a business hotel in Shimbashi. Not my usual stomping grounds when it comes to Tokyo. But this is where I've been placed by my internship. The cool thing is that it's not far from the place where Lord Asano committed seppuku, so there's a faint scent of history amid the masses of sweaty salarymen in rumpled suits. Although the "cool biz" season officially started yesterday, most men I've seen walking around and on the trains are still wearing jackets and ties. Maybe they're just waiting for the weather to get hot enough to feel it's appropriate to ditch them. Today it's only about 23 degrees Celcius. A somewhat comfortable temperature, especially since it's cloudy. Haven't taken any photos yet, but once I do, I plan to be posting at least one a day. My jet-lag this time around has me feeling more disoriented than usual. I've learned from past experience not to give my thoughts too much notice the first few days. When I wake up too early in bed, it makes me feel depressed and I become too introspective. All these negative thoughts start to harass me. It's just the jet-lag talking. Or at least, that's what I tell myself.