Akihabara Curry Shop

I ate lunch yesterday at one of the branches of Akiba Curry, a curry rice shop in Akihabara, the famous electronics and assorted geek fetishes district near the office where I work. After I sat down, a bowl of three unshelled hard-boiled eggs was placed on the counter in front of me, and the waiter told me that the eggs were "all-you-can-eat." Which got me wondering. . . how many hard-boiled eggs could I eat? It's one thing if you are only going to have a lunch of hard-boiled eggs, but it's another thing if you are supposed to eat a bowl of curry and rice on top of that. In "Cool Hand Luke" Paul Newman didn't bet that he could eat so many hard-boiled eggs AND a plate of curry rice. In the end, I just ate two eggs as an appetizer, let the third one sit in the stainless steel bowl, and didn't exercise my right to free refills.