The Origin

Braincell Jupiter. Perhaps there is a need to explain how the theory of Braincell Jupiter, alternatively spelled Brain Cell Jupiter or braincelljupiter, came about. We have to go back to Los Angeles circa 1993/94, sometime before Kurt Cobain blew his brains out and probably closer to the time that River Phoenix overdosed and died outside of the Viper Room. Most likely the idea was hatched inside a white Hyundai with tinted windows while driving down Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, or somewhere in the vicinity of Moorpark Street near Moorpark Park, the narrow park with a redundant name near the corner of Laurel Canyon Boulvard. A Mr. E, Mr. H, and I were probably bantering about Scooby Doo and Gilligan's Island or some equivalent pop culture chitchat when I saw a vision of the planet Jupiter not as a planet but as a bit of brain matter. If a braincell were as large as Jupiter, what kind of thoughts would be inside that mind? To experience those thoughts would be greater than anything known on Earth. This sensation would be dubbed "Miller-Rama!" This blog is an attempt to simulate what it feels like to enter Braincell Jupiter, a poor attempt at that. Perhaps in the future, there will be a better way to bring "Miller-Rama!" to the masses. But for now, this is what I have to offer.