Asakusa Kabuki

We went to see the New Year's performance of Asakusa Kabuki on Saturday. Up until now, I've only seen kabuki performed at the Kabuki-za in Higashi-Ginza. The Asakusa theater features a younger generation of kabuki actors. This is the chirashi, or flyer, for the performance. The actor's are saying, "Asakusa e isoge!" Basically, that means "Hurry to Asakusa!"

The best part of the performance was being able to see Nakamura Kosanza II, an 87-year-old kabuki actor that rarely performs on stage anymore. His part was pretty small, basically just tagging along with the main female character for one scene. Still, someone shouted out his name as is customary for audience members to do when an actor makes his entrance or strikes a powerful cross-eyed pose.