That's MISTER Gachapin

Gachapin and Mook had a fight! You can read about it on Gachapin's diary. That's big news. . . these guys are supposed to be friends. Apparently, Gachapin ate some of Mook's snacks. Gachapin's defense was that he thought the goodies were his New Year's gift. If you don't know who Gachapin and Mook are, I don't think I can explain, except to say that they are characters on Fuji TV. Just look at the photo. The green guy is Gachapin and the red guy is Mook. I didn't know this, but they are both supposed to be 5-years-old. And more importantly, since last July, Gachapin should only be referred to as Gachapin-san, according to this Ameba news article.