Kudos to CUDO

I'm color blind. Or should I say, I have "color vision deficiency?" Today at work I noticed a label on the back of a company report that stated it was "produced with due consideration to "color universal design" and checked by the NPO Color Universal Design Organization. Basically, this means that the report was reviewed by/for people like me who have trouble seeing the difference between colors (in my case, red and green). According to the organization's site:
"People see color with significant variations. In Japan, there are more than 5 million people in total who see color differently from ordinary people, due to their genetic types or eye diseases. Color Universal Design is a user-oriented design system, which has been developed in consideration of people with various types of color vision, to allow information to be accurately conveyed to as many individuals as possible."
I have yet to see this label on any other publications, but I will definitely be happy the day that train lines and other similiar types of charts/guides that use a lot of hard-to-decipher colors adopt this system. CUDO also has an interesting blog (Japanese only) with photos of how the system is being incorporated into things like street signs and recycling bins.