Safe snacks

I just can't read a story about "hardness indicators" without laughing. Apparently, there is a new system for letting customers know whether the rice cracker they are about to bite into is really a rock or if they can eat it without putting in their dentures. According to the Mainichi newspaper:
"Rice cracker fans' teeth may get a break from April when the popular snacks will come out with clear indications of their hardness, preventing accidents from biting a biscuit that's too hard."
The photo shows what the labels will look like. The far left is the softest; the far right, the hardest. Is it just a coincidence that hard harder the cracker gets, the larger the indicator gets as well?


  1. Dude give us a blog on POCKY. What's the deal with POCKY ? Can my wife eat MEN'S POCKY. I need to know because our anniversary is coming up.

  2. Is that what the sticker is going to look like or are those faces what the sticker is going to be? if there are only going to be faces on rice crackers how will you know the difference between say a 3 and a 4 without comparing them? is the number 5 the scale? does that mean it's the hardest? is that 5 out of 5? do people really buy the hardest rice crackers that could break your teeth on purpose? i have a feeling there are going to be a lot of 5's left on the shelf like this one.


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